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Long term car hire

We will provide you with a long-term rental car in Prague at a very attractive cost.

The most transparent rental conditions! There are no additional fees or charges.

You just use the car and we take care of all the technical and operational problems.

To draw up a car rental agreement, a minimum package of documents is required:

- for individuals - a passport with a valid visa (residence permit or permanent residence) and rights;

- for legal entities - extract from the trade register.

The minimum rental period is from one month.

The rental price is from 5500 CZK per month (when renting from 12 months) and above (depends on the particular car and on the number of rental months). The longer the rental period, the lower its cost

The deposit for a car is from 200 euros or from 5000 CZK and above (depending on the particular car).

The cost of long-term rent includes:

- Vignette on the payment of toll roads in the Czech Republic;

- Emergency insurance (analogue of CTP), additional insurance (analogue of CASCO) with a deductible of 200 to 500 euros (depending on the brand of car) and a "green card";

- Planned maintenance (once every 15,000 km.);

- Tires for the season;

- Limited mileage - maximum 2,000 km. per month. An extra charge of 1.5 kroons per kilometer will be charged for the mileage;

- Replacement of a car in case of an accident or an insured event;

- A replacement vehicle during repair;

- Round-the-clock support;

- The second driver in the contract is free.


The age of the driver must be 20 years and driving experience of 2 years.

Booking procedure:

1. Choose a car (click on the picture of a car);

2. Click the "Book" button;

3. In the pop-up window, enter your name, phone number, e-mail and indicate the rental period (in the format from - by and send a request;

4. We confirm the availability of a free car (by e-mail or phone specified in the application) and agree on the time of issue. If the car of your choice is already taken by other tenants, then we will offer other free options;

5. On the appointed day and time you receive the car.

A car in a long-term rental can be used both for personal purposes and for business purposes (delivery service, etc.)

Long-term rental car cannot be used under taxi.

Car rental cost per month (without VAT tax):

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