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I wanted to express my deep gratitude to Dmitry for his excellent service and friendly attitude. We took a car for rent in Prague for 1 day, moreover, we decided that we would take and write off with Dmitry at 9.30, and about 11.30 already were with the car. There was no extra charge for urgency (day in day). Machine - Rapid Spaceback diesel in excellent condition - clean, everything works. They received instructions, signed documents, left a deposit and left. All problems 0. While skating decided to extend the lease for another day - and again no problems - one call to Dmitry and everything was decided - we skate for another day and again without additional payments, just a standard price. We gave the car the same way - quickly and accurately. Dmitry made an inspection, returned the bail and released us. More quickly and conveniently for the client, I have not rented a car anywhere else, so thank you very much and good luck in your business)) next time I will not even think about where to go, only Savraska.)

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