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Thank you very much for helping Savraska, in particular Dmitry. We rented Rapid diesel for 5 days. Pre-sent a copy of the passport, a copy of the VU and visa. Dmitry brought the car to Prague Airport at the agreed time, explained everything in detail. Four countries drove in five days. Route Prague - Czech Krumlov - Linz - Vienna - Budapest - Bratislava - Brno - Prague. Toll roads in the Czech Republic were paid by the company. In Austria, a vignette is bought at a gas station and glued to glass under a mirror, in Hungary at a gas station. They don’t give a sticker, according to the number of the car they fix the payment. The cost everywhere in 10 days (minimum validity period) is about 10 Euros. In Slovakia, I bought on the site. I handed over the car to the company office in Prague. Many thanks to the Savraska Company for helping us organize our trip to Europe!
Petukhov Aleksei

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