Prague: +420 776 047 135 Russia: +7 917 844 71 97 

How do I book the car in Prague?

There are several ways of booking car: 1. Call in Prague +420 776 047 135 (Viber, WhatsApp). 2. To call by phone in Russia +7-917-844-71-97 (Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger). 3. Through booking form on our website. 4. Via email or (send a request indicating vehicle, dates of rental, time and place of delivery car). 5. Skype: savraskacompany. Quick response guaranteed!

Who can take a car?

You can rent a car if you are age 19 years of age and your driving experience is 1 year.

You need to make international driver's licence for car rental in Prague?

No, specifically to issue an international driving permit is not necessary (if You have a tourist visa with duration of stay up to 90 days, enough driving permit, which You use at home).

What documents should I provide to confirm booking of car?

In order to confirm the booking you need to send a scanned page (or simply photograph) of the passport photos, driver's license and registration address in a residence. Also need a contact phone number that you will use on the trip. If you plan on driving the two drivers, then the same documents must be submitted and the second driver. PLEASE NOTE! If you do not confirm the booking with the provision of the above documents within two days, the booking will be cancelled!

How long before travelling it is better to book a car?

If You plan to rent a car in Prague, you will need to book at least a month. Usually we have cars booked in advance. The only way we can guarantee that You'll get the requested vehicle. Maximum term for early pre-booking - 60 days.

Is it possible to rent a car in Prague and return it in another city in Europe?

Yes, that option is available. This is a paid service. To calculate the cost of this service for any city of Europe, do the following: multiply the distance in kilometres from the town in which plan to take the car to Prague for 15 CZK (0.6 Euro). This will be the cost of this service. For example, to return the car in Dresden will cost 150 km x 15 CZK (0,6 Euro) = 2250 CZK (€90).

what is the insurance deductible mean

According to the rules of European insurance companies, basic coverage is offered with a deductible, which is the sum of the complicity of the driver when paying the damage. On our company's cars franchise ranges from 200 to 400 Euro (depending on car brand), i.e. in case of accident due to customer's fault, he is obliged to cover damages up to a maximum amount of 200 to 400 euros. If the damage is minor and does not exceed the deductible (scratch, damaged mirror, etc.), the damage is paid according to the official tag service center.
IT IS POSSIBLE TO RENT WITHOUT DEPOSIT, if you have purchased additional insurance All Risks! The cost of insurance "All Risks" for Skoda Fabia - 20 euros per rental day, for Skoda rapid - 20 euros per rental day for Skoda Octavia - 25 euros per rental day.

What do I have to pay extra?

Navigator with current maps of Europe in Russian. Rental price of 2 euros per day.
Baby seat or booster. The rental price is 2 Euro per day (maximum 10 Euro for the whole rental period).
Sim card with prepaid Internet from 25 euros and above (depending on the number of GB).
Action Camera Go-Pro. Rental price of 6 euros per day.
Car delivery in the central part of Prague (Prague 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, Karlin) and to the airport during working hours from 8-00 to 20-00 when renting for one day. The cost of the service is 10 euros.
Car feed in non-central districts of Prague. The cost of the service is 10 euros (from 8-00 to 20-00).
Submission or return of the vehicle in Prague and at the airport during off-hours (from 20-00 to 8-00).
The cost of each service is:
15 euros (if from 6-00 to 8-00 or from 20-00 to 22-00);
25 euros (if from 22-00 to 6-00).
Car return in Prague during working hours (from 8-00 to 20-00). The cost of the service is 10 euros.
Pledge for the car. The amount of the deposit is 400 euros for cars or 500 euros for cars of the class "SUV", "Business" and "Minibus".
Extended insurance Super Hull. The cost of 10 euros for each day of rent (halves your financial responsibility in case of an insured event). When buying this insurance, the security deposit for the car is 200 euros.
Car insurance against theft. The cost of 15 euros for each day of the rental.
Additional insurance for all windows of the car. The cost of 2 euros per day rental.
Insurance of tires and car rims. The cost of 2 euros per day rental.
Fuel. The car is transferred with a full tank of fuel. With a full tank of fuel it will be necessary to return it.
Windscreen washer fluid.
Payment of toll roads of neighboring states.
Payment of road and other fines.
Luggage box on the roof (only on request). Rental price from 4 euros per day.
Chains for movement in the snow. The rental price is 4 euro per day.

What could be the penalties if I stay for a couple of hours upon delivery of the car?

The delay of over one hour will count as an extra day of rental. But if You let us know in advance about the delay, we will provide the opportunity to take the car one hour later.

Procedure in case of car accident

1. Call the police (tel 112). 2. To inform us (tel.+420 776 047 135). If possible, we go the place of the accident. 3. To draw up a report with the police. 4. To transmit the protocol to us. If the accident was your fault, and wasn't issued insurance with a deductible, a deposit for the car is not returned. After the decision of the insurance company, you will be invoiced, whereby you have to pay the missing amount or, in case of small damages, we will refund the difference.

How do I find You when passing a car at the airport?

If You order a car at the airport, in the arrivals hall, our staff will meet You with a sign saying SAVRASKA.

What is the procedure at a gas station?

First, you pour gasoline or diesel fuel, and then approach the cashier, give the number of the gas station, where You stop for gas, and pay the required amount. Payment can be made cash or with credit card.

What are the limitations of the speed limit in town and on the highway?

In settlements, the maximum speed 50 km/h, outside – 90 km/h on highways in most countries, 130 km/h (in Germany).

How to pay for Parking?

Near each parking place is a special machine with a price per hour of Parking. You need to pay in change, and he will be given a pass indicating what time paid Parking. Place the card under the windshield of the car.

What should I do if I get a fine?

Fines can be paid to a policeman on the spot. If you find a receipt under the wiper of his car, and no police nearby, then you can pay the fine within 10 days to the Bank account specified in the receipt, either pay it in our office and we will transfer the required amount to the account of the Ministry. Information about the fines fall into a single database.

What if I passed the radar and exceeded the speed limit?

The address of our company will receive an official document from the police with the date, time and scope of the breach. In a police database to store Your photo behind the wheel of a car, as well as your data. We will pay the penalty for you and send you copies of receipts. You will need transfer paid by us the amount of the fine to the account of our company. Information about the fines fall into a single database.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, You can make the payment for the car rental by credit card. Payment is made at the time of transfer cars. Use mobile terminal to receive payment from credit cards. As the prices are in euros, payment is accepted in CZK translated at the official exchange rate of the Koruna against the Euro at the time of payment.
Please note! A Deposit for the car is payable in cash only.

Is the prepayment required for reservation?

In some cases we ask for a Deposit for reservation. It is 15% of total order value. This applies to early orders (more than 30 days before the date of rental) and to orders when you have no proof about open visa. Payment is made in EUR, CZK or USD at the exchange rate at the time of ordering. After making payment, You will be sure that this car will be booked for you. Please pay only upon confirmation on the availability of the selected vehicle for the dates! Prepayment is required if you book a car for the date longer than a maximum possible date for early pre-booking - 60 days. If you cancel the order, deposit will not be returned. Also have the option to pay via WebMoney: Euro - WME-purse E336151586625 Dollars - WMZ-purse Z101945972857

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