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Electric cars in Prague. Rental, sales, service.

If you are not sure whether a car is suitable for you, you can start by borrowing it from us. You can rent it for any length of time.
If at the end of the lease you decide to buy the car, we will deduct the cost of the rental already paid from the price of the car.

Modern technology is making electric cars more advanced and affordable every day.
The biggest advantage of such a car is the low cost of operation. You'll really be saving your money. 

The cost of charging an electric car is many times cheaper than the cost of fuel. Maintenance of such a car will cost you much less than maintenance of a car with an internal combustion engine.

We know there are a lot of questions.
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In the photo of electric cars, which can be available to order and reasonable prices.
1. Nissan Leaf 30 kWh, 2017, value 429000 czk / 16500 euros (return of VAT).
2. BMW i3, 92 Ah (33 kWh), 2017, value 539000 czk / 20700 евро (VAT reclaimable).
3. Nissan Leaf 2, 40 kWh, 2019 years, value 650000 czk / 25000 euros (return of VAT).
4. Tesla model S 85D, 2015, value 1200000 czk / 46000 euros (rebate VAT).
5. Kia Soul, 27 kWh, 2017, value 429000 czk / 16500 euros (return of VAT).
6. Nissan Leaf 24 kWh, 2015, value 329000 czk / 12600 euros (rebate VAT).

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