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Rent a car in Prague Free Deposit

All of our cars are available for rental without a deposit.
You can rent any vehicle and leave no deposit.

In partnership with Cardoo, a European Fintech company, we offer our cars for rental without a deposit.

Your guarantor is Cardoo, who will credit our account with the rental car on your behalf.

This service is chargeable and costs 20 euros (500 kroner) for each day of rental.

Under the terms and conditions of normal hire, the deposit paid for the vehicle will be refunded to you some time after the rental period. Sometimes the deposit may be unblocked for up to 30 days.
With Deposit Free, you do not have to worry about when your money will be returned, because you simply leave it as a deposit with our rental company.

Let us tell you more about this service in a Q&A format.

Why should I choose DepositFree if the deposit will be refunded in a regular rental?
DepositFree allows you to keep your money with you during the journey without blocking it with a deposit. You can spend it as you see fit, or rent a higher class vehicle for more comfortable driving.
Deposit Free is a type of finance service that allows you to rent a car without paying a deposit. Instead, the Cardoo finance company will pay the deposit for you but you are still responsible for any damage or fines that may occur during the rental period. If you refuse to pay for these damages or penalties, Cardoo assumes the risk of paying for them.

What is the difference between Deposit Free and insurance?
Deposit Free means you don't have to pay a deposit, but you're still responsible for damages and fines.
Insurance protects you from the cost of damages during the rental period.

Why do I need Deposit Free if I have extra insurance? Isn't it already included?
The insurance covers you if the car is damaged during the rental period. It does not cover things like fines, fuel shortages when returning the car or extending the rental. A deposit insurance policy helps in these situations.

What does the Deposit Free program cover?
Deposit Free covers you without a deposit on your car. However, you are still responsible for damages to the car, fines, fuel and other items in accordance with the terms and conditions of your rental.

If I return the car with damage, or with a partially filled tank, or with overruns and other faults, do I have to pay for it?
Yes, you will be liable under your chosen insurance for any damage incurred during the rental period, and you will have to pay for it.
If this happens, our rental company will invoice you for the cost of the damage or defects after the car has been returned from the rental.
Under the terms of your rental agreement, you should pay this invoice within 10 days. If payment is not made, we will forward the invoice to Cardoo who will then collect the outstanding amount from you.

If I get a fine during my rental period, do I have to pay it?
Yes, you will be liable for any fines incurred during the rental period and you will need to pay them.
Once you have received a fine from the police, our rental company will contact you to arrange payment of the fine.
Under the terms of the rental agreement you will be required to pay this fine within 10 days. If this is not paid, we will forward the fine to Cardoo who will then recover the amount owed from you.
Some countries in Europe can transmit information about fines for up to six months after the end of your rental period. The due date for payment of the fine is when our company is notified by the police that there is a fine.

If I use the Second Chauffeur Service and Deposit Free, if I exceed the speed limit or have an accident, whoever is driving will be responsible?
Liability for damages and fines is the responsibility of the person who signed the rental agreement, regardless of whether he or she has connected a second driver.

What does the Customer Consent mean and why do I have to sign it?
It is a document that must be signed by the customer when renting a car with Deposit Free option. By signing this agreement, the customer is agreeing for the rental company to release his/her personal details to Cardoo in the event of any damage or fines arising from the rental car. Cardoo is the provider of the Deposit Free option.

Will my personal details be given to Deposit Free service provider and will they send me advertising?
Your personal details will only be transferred to Cardoo if you refuse to pay any charges or fines. They will contact you to discuss the situation, and you will still be responsible for any losses or fines incurred during the rental period. The company will not send you any promotional material.

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