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Very pleased. The first time we came with my son to the tournament in Rakovniki 50 km from Prague, our first i20 car on the mechanics. They brought us cars to Rakovniki for free, they took us cars for 5 days in Vienna and back to Prague. The second time it was already on a call, my all data is in their database. The car was at the airport at 9 in the morning. The second time they took the i30. But the third time I took a car for 12 days, Opel Insignia (station wagon), a very economical machine. Full tank for 1100 km. We visited 9 countries and traveled 3400 km. Returning from Salzburg to Prague, I did not have time to return the car in due time and had to pay 13 days, as a result, they did not take money from me. Thank you very much and prosperity in your business.
Khasigov Valery

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