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Sale of cars from Europe. In stock and on order.

Auto from Europe. In stock and on order.

You can buy from us cars in stock or pick up for yourself any car at auctions in Europe.

The advantage of auto from auctions is:
- its legal purity;
- transparent history of operation;
- original mileage;
- excellent technical condition, fully complying with the diagnostic sheet;
- absolute safety of the transaction.

Contact us, we will be glad to help you find a cool car for you).

For your convenience you can order from us the service of car selection on a turnkey basis.
- We pick up for you the car on the given parameters;
- We participate in the auction;
- After the purchase at the auction we deliver the car to Prague or any other city in the Czech Republic;
- We pass the test drive and put the car on the register with the receipt of licence plates;
- On request we will carry out pre-sale preparation (polishing, dry cleaning, detaling, etc.);
- We will help you to find favourable insurance for your car.

We work with leasing auctions, so the cost of buying a car through us will be lower than if you will buy exactly the same car in a similar configuration in any car bazaar (even in Germany).

For any questions email or call us!
Our email is
Our phone number in Prague (Dmitry) +420776047135 Telegram, WhatsApp
Our phone number in Russia (Alexander) +79178447197 Telegram, WhatsApp

Cars available:

BMW 3 series
Year of issue: 2015
Engine: diesel
Transmission: automatic

Mercedec-Benz CLA
Year of manufacture: 2016
Engine: petrol
Transmission: manual

Chevrolet Captiva
Year of manufacture: 2022
Engine: petrol
Box: manual

Year of manufacture: 2022
Engine: electric
Transmission: automatic

Ford Transit Custom
Year of manufacture: 2018
Engine: diesel
Transmission: manual

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