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We'll take your car into trust for you

Joint car rental business in Prague. Want to earn extra income from your car? We can help you in this! We will rent your car to our clients on favorable terms for you. You can take advantage of our offer for joint activities with our company. What is the joint work: - you buy a car or provide an existing one (at least one, but for the best performance of the firm two or three). Cars can be borrowed or leased (both new and used). - conclude an agreement with our firm on joint activities; - transfer under this contract your cars to our trust management; - we rent your cars for rent and pay money to your company's settlement account, minus our commissions; - we ourselves are engaged in all the work associated with the operation of your cars; We will consult which cars are in constant demand with our customers. Tell you where you can buy them. The profitability of a car rental business ranges from 2% to 7% a month from the cost of a car (at an annual rate of 24% to 84%). Yield is in euros. If the car is purchased new, it can withstand two to three years of operation under the conditions of hire without any problems and large financial costs. The main costs are planned maintenance, as well as a set of winter tires. The business of renting cars has a steady demand and is almost not subject to seasonality. The big plus is that all settlements with foreign tourists are made in euros. Prague is visited by a large number of tourists from all over the world. The plus is also that from Prague you can easily and quickly reach many cities in Europe. If you are interested in this information or have any questions, then you can contact us: by e-mail: by phone in Prague: +420 776 047 135 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram); by phone in Russia: +7 917 844 71 97 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) The speed of response is guaranteed.

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