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Investing your money in our car hire

Throughout our work, we have been investing our earnings in expanding our own car fleet.

As of today, the number of cars we manage to service, which are both in the ownership of the car rental company and in trust management, is more than 25 units.

The cars bring daily benefits both for the car rental itself and for our partners, who see the obvious growth prospects, as well as a significant degree of responsibility on our part towards our clients.
We offer you to become our financial partner and earn together with our car hire.
Your profit will be fixed and will amount to 15% per annum in euros.

Absolutely any user from any region of the world now has the opportunity to become our financial partner.

We are looking for new customers on terms that are mutually beneficial for both parties and offer to invest your money in our car hire through the purchase of a profit share.

At the same time we do not retain your money and offer only interest for the use of these funds.
We return 1/12th of the share every month together with a commission as a thank you for your trust (if you sign a contract for one year).

The amount of investment from 4000 euros.
Payment of interest - 15% per annum.

Investments in kroner, dollars and other currencies are also possible.

Below is an approximate calculation:

Стоимость долевого участия

Процент дохода в год

Ежемесячная выручка

Итоговая сумма

10 000 евро


958 евро

11 500 евро

20 000 евро


1916 евро

23 000 евро

The cost of equity participation is the money that the participant of the common business contributes to the shared ownership and from the moment it is credited to the account of the car rental company, it starts to work for the investor.
Per cent of revenue per annum is the investment income from lending the capital for use.

Monthly revenue is the money to be received as a result of investment activity in accordance with the car rental tariffs. It consists of the return of the invested funds in equal instalments, as well as % for the use of capital.

The total amount is all funds credited to the car rental account at one time and returned in equal instalments during 1 year, as well as the total interest for the use of capital.

In conditions of unpredictable financial situation your investments in our car hire will provide you with stable and attractive profitability in the amount of 15% per annum.

Your investment is not just a number on the balance sheet, it is a partnership.
We value your contribution to our company, so as a bonus we offer the following privileges to our investors:

✅ Up to 50% discount on passenger car rentals.
✅ Discount on minivans and crossovers up to 25%.
✅ Up to 30% discount on rent of commercial vans.
✅ Unlimited mileage (car hire).
✅ Child seat or booster free of charge.
✅ Priority Service.

If you are interested in this type of financing, we are ready to provide more information and discuss all the details of joint activities.

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